Mana Water is a management company created to usher in the next generation of wastewater treatment and reuse.


Our Mission

We strive to set a benchmark for the Twenty-first Century wastewater treatment infrastructure in Hawaii. Mana Water is aware of the current and foreseeable issues surrounding Hawaii's water resources. Not only is water scarce, but outdated wastewater treatment infrastructure and the limited reuse of effluent, all within a very prestigious and sensitive ecosystem, are further endangering our supply of clean water.  Mana Water has partnered with the best in the industry locally and globally to provide solutions to Hawaii's wastewater problems.

Members of the board

Howard Kihune, Sr. – President

Mr. Kihune brings a wealth of experience and many years of service in the public and private sectors. Mr. Kihune is the President of Landtec, Inc., and Principal of Landtec Energy Company, LLC. Mr. Kihune also brings more than twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry, including sixteen years as President of Ideal Construction, Inc.

Mr. Kihune was elected for six consecutive terms on the Maui County Council, retiring as Chairman in 1992. He has also served on many community committees involving such issues as transportation, ocean activities, flood control, agriculture, water, and the revitalization of Lahaina Town. Mr. Kihune continues to enjoy a close relationship with local and state officials and is a past president of the Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce.

Robert Johnston – Chairman

Mr. Johnston has over 30 years of experience in real estate development and asset management and serves as President and CEO of Hawaii Pacific Solar. He is co-founder of Landtec, Inc., a Maui based real estate development company, and provides management and financial expertise. Before moving to Maui in 1990, Mr. Johnston served as President of Landwest Development Company on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. He developed projects in the Carolinas, Georgia, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Maui and Jamaica. Prior to forming his own company, Mr. Johnston was Vice President of Finance and Development for Hilton Head Company, one of the largest real estate developers and resort operators in the Southeast, where he was responsible for the management of projects from conceptual planning to construction, finance and marketing. Mr. Johnston is a graduate of the University of Colorado with degrees in Finance and Economics.

Steve Parabicoli photo.jpg

Steve Parabicoli - Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Parabicoli has over 35 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry in Hawaii. His areas of expertise include wastewater operations, water distribution, water quality, recycled water systems and operator training.  He recently retired from the County of Maui’s Wastewater Reclamation Division where he held the positions of Wastewater Operations Program Superintendent, Water Recycling Program Coordinator and Wastewater Reclamation Facility Supervisor. Mr. Parabicoli also has taught classes for the Hawaii Statewide Wastewater Operators Training Center and helped develop and teach wastewater curriculum for the University of Hawaii Maui College’s Bachelor of Sustainable Sciences degree program. Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Framingham State College and holds a Hawaii Grade IV Wastewater Operator license. 

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Zoltan Milaskey – Vice President of Operations

Mr. Milaskey holds a masters degree in the field of Environmental Management and has worked in the area of sustainable development since 2008. Having worked for a state-wide EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) company in renewables he has delivered over 10 MW of renewable solar PV systems to clients including the Hawaii Department of Education and facilitated the deployment of PV systems across over 80 schools state wide. Alongside renewable energy Zoltan recognized the need for a more sustainable and efficient way to treat and reuse wastewater and set out to found Mana Water with Steve Parabicoli and Howard Kihune in conjunction with Organica Water, a global provider of sustainable water treatment and reuse. This venture has greatly expanded the horizons as Mana Water pursues projects both in the private and public sectors while educating stakeholders on the benefits of the FCR (Food Chain Reactor) technology and water re-use. Zoltan currently serves on the Maui Board of Water Supply and also manages Mana Monitoring, a renewable energy software platform.

Stacy Otomo – Consulting Engineer

Mr. Otomo has is the founder of Otomo Engineering, Inc. Over the past 20 years of his career his references include civil engineering services to both the private and public sector including the Department of Public Works, Department of Water Supply, Department of Environmental Management, Spencer Homes, Inc., Bayless Architects.